The Agent Co-Op Network that Accelerates New Construction Sales

Transform your cooperation tools with agents from static folders from Dropbox or Sharepoint into a modern digital cooperation platform where agents can pre-register buyers, share available units with a single click, and deliver an engaging on-brand experience to home buyers.

Devices Gloho
Accelerate Sales

Accelerates Sales by Empowering Cooperating Agents

Empower your cooperating agents to bring more home buyers with access to real-time inventory, on-brand content, and marketing tools.

Effectiveness and Productivity

Boost Sales Effectiveness with Better Cooperation

Improve and grow cooperation and save time between your in-house sales team and cooperating agents by connecting them on a single platform.

Branded Engaging Experience

Deliver a Branded Engaging Experience

Ensure your in-house sales team and cooperating agents have the latest on-brand content to engage and nurture home buyers.

Build & Manage your Network of Cooperating Agents

Build the right network of cooperating agents by managing agent access for each of your projects. Grant access to market your project only to the agents that best fit your project’s needs.


Instantly Sync each Unit and Project Information to All Agents

Update project inventory, unit availability, and information across your entire network of cooperating agents with one click, reducing cost and time by having all project information in one centralized location.

Sync Listing and Project Information

Mobile App for each Cooperating Agent

Empower your in-house sales team and cooperating agents with a mobile app where they can market your project at any time from anywhere. Agents can share available units and project information with a single click directing home buyers to project branded landing pages with the agent’s logo and contact information.


Branded Landing Pages that Elevate your Brand

All project information and available units shared by agents are directed to beautiful landing pages that showcase the project’s brand and are accompanied by each agent’s logo and contact information.
Boost views, generate engagement and empower cooperating agents to better showcase and capture the attention of more home buyers.


Allow Cooperating Agents To Pre-Register Home Buyers by Their Interest in Selected Units

Cooperating Agents can pre-register buyers digitally directly from the Gloho Mobile App. Save time and lower costs by easily managing all pre-registered buyers by agent and selected units.

Pre-Register Buyers

Empower Agents To Share Units and Content With a Single Click

Empower agents to share units and content with buyers frictionlessly from their desktop or mobile device. With the Gloho Agent Co-Op Network agent’s have all project information in a single location allowing them to serve buyer needs efficiently and easily.

Share Listings and Content With a Single Click

Track Inventory Activity, Sharing and Sales

Gain an in-depth understanding of the performance of your inventory. Identify which units have been sold and shared the most. Gain insight into how home buyers are interacting with the units and project content.

Track Inventory Activity

Track Associate Pre-Registered Leads, Sales, and Activity With Home Buyers

Track all cooperating agent activity and their interactions with the project’s inventory and content. Know how agent’s compare to one another and which agents are registering the most buyers, sharing units, and driving sales.

Track Pre-Registered Leads, Sales, and Activity With Buyers
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