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Effortless email newsletter marketing that allows agents to showcase their brand and send campaigns in minutes.

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Send Email Newsletter Campaigns in Minutes.

Designed to send campaigns in minutes with pre-designed beautiful layouts, so you can spend more time with your clients and less time using our tool.


Select Layout and Upload Content.

Select Layout and Upload Content

Select Contacts Groups.

Select Contacts Groups

Enter Message and Send.

Enter Message and Send

Branded Pre-Designed Email Newsletter Layouts.

Deliver captivating newsletter emails showcasing your articles, properties, and brand essence with elegance. Select from a variety of expertly crafted designs tailored to impress.

Branded Pre-Designed

Instantly Synced Property Information. No Email Builder Required.

Property information is automatically synced with any chosen newsletter email design. Easily select properties to send in your email newsletters with just a few clicks.

Instantly Synced Property Information

Set Up Your Logo and Colors in Minutes With Brand Kit. Stay on Brand Across All Designs.

Set up your brand kit in minutes and establish brand consistency across all newsletter emails, property emails, website designs and social media designs. Showcasing your brand has never been easier.

Set Up Your Logo and Colors

Segment Your Contact Lists to Your Needs.

Boost conversions by sending hyper-targeted email campaigns to your contacts. Deliver your newsletters and relevant properties to every contact.

Contact Lists

In Depth Campaign Reporting for Each Newsletter Campaign.

Track the performance of your campaigns and gain insights into the behavior of potential homebuyers for all sent campaigns. Know exactly how each of your contacts has interacted with your newsletters and properties.

Campaign Reporting for Each Newsletter Campaign

Equally Compelling on Desktop & Mobile.

Send beautiful newsletter emails that stand out on desktop and mobile with our responsive designs.

Equally Compelling

Drive Client Engagement and Boost Brand Visibility.

Encourage interaction and engagement with your audience by inviting them to attend open houses, property tours, and community events featured in your newsletters.

Drive Property Sales with Unforgettable Email Marketing, Property Websites, and Social Media.

Get started for free and begin marketing your properties and newsletters in under 10 minutes. Upgrade to our affordable paid plans starting at just $19/month, which include 15,000 emails/month and expanded options for website, email, and social media designs.

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